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        Product categories of electronic weighing instruments
        Product categories of electronic weighing instruments

        1. Truck scale

        Electronic scales are the main weighing equipment used for bulk cargo measurement in chemicals, commercial concrete, logistics, ports, docks, factories and mines, and merchants. Before the 1980s, the common truck scales generally used the principle of leverage and pure machinery. The constructed mechanical truck scale is also called a mechanical floor scale. The SCS—D8 all-digital electronic truck scale is an all-electronic modular truck scale designed with the world’s advanced digital weighing sensor and digital weighing indicator. The digital load cell adopts digital technology to automatically compensate for temperature coefficient, non-linearity, hysteresis and creep. The electronic ground scale adopts a newly designed steel structure carrier, which is simple and lightweight, convenient to carry, and the electronic scale is directly laid on The concrete floor is equipped with a movable slope (optional) to make full use of the space. It is equipped with four high-precision shear beam weighing sensors and an intelligent weighing display instrument to form a weighing system. The steel-concrete countertop (SCS-C3 type) fundamentally solves the corrosion of the scale body due to rain and sun, acid-base corrosion and thermal expansion and contraction of the structure during the use of the all-steel structure truck scale, and the accuracy of the use is reduced. Problems such as shortened life.

        2. Electronic crane scale

         An electronic crane scale is a weighing instrument that makes an object in a suspended state to measure its mass (weight), and is called an electronic crane scale. An electric hoist is required in the occasions where it is used, which is generally used in steel plants, coil plants, steel mills, docks, etc. Implement the latest industry standards.

        3. Electronic forklift scale

        It is especially suitable for the weighing of goods in logistics operations such as railways, highways, commerce, industry and mining. The weighing platform is composed of a hydraulic manual handling mechanism and weighing components. The hydraulic driving weighing platform lifts and moves manually.

        4. Electronic platform scale

        There is a separate load weighing platform and a connecting column to install a weighing display instrument. Working principle: The electronic platform scale uses the principle of electronic strain element stress deformation to output a tiny analog electrical signal, which is transmitted to the weighing display instrument through a signal cable for weighing Operation and display of weighing results. Electronic platform scales have multiple display modes: digital tube display [LED], liquid crystal display [LCD], fluorescent display [VFD] and liquid crystal point vibration display. The weighing platform is equipped with an overload protection device to protect the weighing Sensor [Prevent limit overload]. The weighing range of the electronic platform scale is about 30-600 kg.

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